Golfers, learn how to manage the pain that comes with growing older as a golfer and, playing more frequently while minimizing discomfort and risk of injury. 
ACT offers an Exclusive Interactive online Golf Fitness Training Class for Senior Golfers!
"Bridging the gap between Golf and Fitness!"
What is Absolute Core Training?
It's a Golf Fitness training system that uses Brain-based exercises that predictably delivers life changing, high speed results to Senior Golfers whether they desire pain relief or performance enhancement!!  
We have a brain for one reason and one reason only- that is to produce adaptable and complex movements such as golf.
Movement is the only way we have of affecting the world around us...
ACT 's 3 Step Brain based System
  • There are 3 Systems: Movement, Balance, Vision.
  • The brain governs all three systems.
  • All three are skills.
  • All can and should be trained.
  • A compromise in one system can affect the entire system.
SECRET #1: Move Well 
Golf is an athletic sport. The quality of your larger, more complex movements comes from the quality of your smaller, more basic movements.
SECRET #2: Balance Well
Your Balance system affects every aspect of Golf and improving it can create massive changes for your game in ways you may have never imagined.
SECRET #3: See Well
The Visual skill necessary for Golf goes WAY beyond the historically perceived 20/20 "gold standard". As much as 90% of the incoming information is coming from your eyes.
So What Are You Waiting For?
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